Banig texture

After that, the raffia strands are then delivered to the warehouses so that they can be classified and separated into different types of raffia in texture, color, width, and length. Each quality is placed in another section where they will be formed into hanks, balls, spools, and more. Sometimes, it is dyed in order to have a colored natural ...

Filipino Fashion Tribal Costume World Cultures Weaving Techniques Geometric Designs Textures Patterns Plaid Scarf Philippines Mountain Range This man's mantle from the Ifugao Tribe of Northern Luzon has bands of supplementary weft geometric designs alternating with bands of plain color. The "frontal" is goldwork embroidery done in the old "banig" style. The cape is "antique purple" velvet the color of mourning in old style Philippine santos. The cape is edged in French 19th century gold metallic 'torchon" lace. The metal work heart pierced by a dagger is original to the image.

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