Bk7 transmission

The MgF 2 multilayer is the only one efficient between 400 and 1200 nm (>96% of transmission) with a maximum transmission of 99.9% at 650 nm. At left, transmittance of a single and double-layer coating compared to an uncoated BK7 glass.

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Schott B270 & BK7 Glass Filters, Hoya Filter Glass A Filter Glass Referenced to Schott and Hoya Valley Design’s wide selection of color filter glass is comparable to Schott B270 glass and Schott BK7 glass.

Optical glass filters and polished color glass filters are an economic alternative and can be used in place of thin-film coated filters. Buy Online Now. BK7 Glass: Optics >>> Optical Material >>> BK7: BK7 is a borosilicate crown optical glass with high homogeneity, low bubble and inclusion content. Its good physical and chemical properties make it widely used in visible and near IR range. BK7, SF2,H-ZF3: BK7, SF2,H- ... optical coatings have been designed to hold both the s and p-polarization components to the same ratio of reflection-to-transmission ... Fused Silica UV Grade(SiO2) specifications are available OPTICAL Refractive Index at n e 1.4601 Refractive Index n F’-n C’ 0.0068 Refractive Index at n D 1.4584 Refractive Index n F’-n C 0.0068 Thermal Coefficient of Refractive Index at n c for +20 deg C 100 x 10-7 Transmission Range, microns 0.18-3.5 THERMAL Thermal Linear Expansion, deg C-1 They are used to isolate two physical environments while allowing light to pass. When selecting optical windows, you should consider the following: material, transmission, scattering, wave front distortion, parallelism and resistance to certain environment. Optical Windows Bk7 Manufacturer, China Optical Windows Bk7 supplier.