Heads up display mode android

If you donĀ“t have enough contrast, simply increase brightness on your smartphone and Sygic Head-up display can be used even on a cloudy day. Head-up Display is one of the Add-on features. Get the Sygic GPS Navigation app with Head-up Display on Google Play or App Store.

Launch HUD in the quick menu (the three-dot button at the bottom right corner of the screen) by tapping on the Head-up display icon. Now tap anywhere on the screen to display further settings for the HUD feature. Tap on the middle of the three buttons, "HUD mode", to flip the image so it will reflect correctly.

It also features a plethora of navigation-related addons and a dedicated HUD friendly mode for a crisp and crafted driving experience. Why we like Sygic: Their 3D maps, head-up display mode and the slew of features that they have available make them a powerhouse on the road. Drive smarter with the Hudly head-up display Access vital navigation and vehicle diagnostics without taking your eyes off the road. Hudly reduces distractions and casts all the info you need directly in your line of sight.